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Scaffolds can be easy targets for burglary


For years, scaffolding security has been a bitty mixture of various equipment that was designed for other applications.

Some worked OK and some didn’t, but by and large this has not been considered anywhere near enough.

Late 2013 saw the NSI publish the NCP 115 standard for the security systems used on scaffolding and the companies that install them. As a result of this, major insurers are now demanding that this code be met by security providers when securing scaffolding.


We may just be able to give you some guide prices for the supply, fit and of a particular type of alarm system, based on how much information you can give us. If you have any detailed photographs and measurements of the areas, all this information will help. Please call us on: 0800 783 4471 with any enquiries, or you can email us by clicking here.


Our scaffold alarm systems generally comprise of a pair of beam sensors, a control panel, a keypad, alarm bell and signs. Our scaffold alarm systems are very easy to operate and are set/unset via a four digit code entered into a LCD keypad, which can be placed internally or externally in a lockable box, for ease of access

Our scaffold alarm systems can also be powered either by an internal 240v mains supply or by an external 110v power supply, in order to conform with current health and safety requirements. Whilst installing one of our scaffold alarm systems, positioning of the equipment is equally important, as we want to detect intruders at the first opportunity, i.e at first point of access.

Working closely with our clients requirements, our scaffold alarm sensors are normally positioned on the first boarded platform or at ladder openings in order to detect intruders. In awkward/recessed areas or on skeleton-unboarded’ scaffolds, we can flood the entire area using scaffold alarm pir detectors in order to detect intruders.

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